Danceworx Studios offers a wide selection of dance classes for a range of age groups.

Admittance for class is determined by the student’s age as of December 31, 2024.

Parent and Tot (24-36 months)

This class is for early walkers and their moms or dads.  The class is full of music, movement and creativity!

Tiny Dancers (3 years) 

This class is for three year olds to introduce them to the wonderful world of movement and learn independance. Bring your imagination with you to class!

Creative Movers (4 years)

This class is for the little mover and shaker! Have fun with music and movement with the building blocks of jazz and ballet.

Creative Hoppers (4 years)

This class is fun for the beginner hip hop dancer!


Classical ballet based on the Cecchetti Method. Ballet instills grace and discipline while providing an excellent physical workout.


While jumping, leaping and turning, instructors teach the upbeat dance moves to current pop music.


The dance moves are a slow fusion of ballet and modern dance.

Hip Hop

Street dance styles, such as breaking, popping and locking,  performed to hip hop music. The style has evolved to include many styles and fad dances over the years.

Intensive Performance Program (IPP)

This program is for the dancer that would like to dig deep into the technical and perfomance side of dance. It offers opportunities of conventions, competitions and extra performances. Admittance into the IPP is by audition.